• Q.Can I use it to track my cycle or vehicle?


    You can attach or tag the Seekit device with anything you want to track. Seekit uses Bluetooth technology to reliably locate your valuables. Bluetooth as a technology being different from Wi-Fi, and GPS, Seekit cannot provide you live updates like a GPS device.

    However, if the Seekit device attached your valuable goes outside the range of your phone’s or tablet’s Bluetooth then Crowd GPS can help you receive the updated location of your valuable. If any other Seekit user comes within the Bluetooth range of your Seekit device you will receive the updated location in form of markers on the map."

  • Q.Can the battery be replaced once it is discharged?

    For us at Panasonic, your kids' safety is the topmost priority. Keeping that in mind, we have made the Seekit device such that none of the small components, including battery, can be removed.
  • Q.Can I use this for finding my car in parking area?

    Seekit uses Bluetooth technology to reliably locate your valuables. If you are within the Bluetooth range then you can use the proximity guidance feature to get near to your Seekit device
  • Q.What is Seekit?

    Seekit is a Bluetooth device which with the help of the Seekit app help you keep a track of your valuables.
  • Q.What’s the difference between the Seekit Edge & Seekit Loop?

    Apart from the shape, Seekit Edge & Seekit Loop are different when it comes to battery life. Seekit Edge has a life of 18 months & Seekit Loop has a life of 12 months. And of course that has a consequent impact on pricing.
  • Q.How does it work? / How to pair the device with phone?


    Seekit works over Bluetooth to communicate with the Seekit app. You will need to download the Seekit app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Seekit app can scan for and discover a Seekit in the range of your phone’s or tablet’s Bluetooth. Once a discovery has been made by the app you can connect the device to your phone or tablet.

    Please note, Seekit can be detected by your smartphone or tablet within the Bluetooth range. To have optimum connection performance and location information we request to take care of the following:

    • Bluetooth must always be enabled
    • Seekit app must always be open and running
    • Location services should be enabled
    • "Always" should be checked for users running iOS
    • Location Permissions should be toggled on for users running Android
  • Q.How to use Seekit?


    Seekit can be used by performing these 3 steps:

    • 1. Tag: After receiving your Seekit device, just tag attach the device to any item or belonging you want to find or keep safe
    • 2. Connect : Now connect the Seekit device with the app by following the simple procedure mentioned above
    • 3.Find: The buzz button on the Seekit app helps you find your valuable by buzzing the Seekit device attached to it. You can even find your smartphone by pressing the button on your Seekit device twice.
  • Q.Can I use Seekit on airline?


    Seekit is sending a low-power Bluetooth signal. Since every airline policy is different, we recommend you consult with the airline's specific policies regarding Bluetooth devices to avoid any complications.

    If the airline permits Bluetooth technology, simply switch your device to airplane mode but keep Bluetooth on.

    If not, please delete Seekit device from your Seekit application temporarily so that the Seekit device will not send Bluetooth signal until long press the button on Seekit.


  • Q.Is it available in my country?

    While we are working on making the product available across multiple regions. Currently, it’s available only in India
  • Q.Is it available in my state?

    The product is available across all the states in the country of India through relevant channels
  • Q.Is it available in different color?

    All the available colours are listed on the product website
  • Q.Where can I buy Seekit?

    Seekit is available across all the states in the country of India through relevant channels


  • Q.How much does Seekit cost?


    MRP of Seekit Edge is Rs.1,999/-

    MRP of Seekit Loop is Rs.1,499/-

  • Q.How is Seekit different from other similar products?

    Seekit uses Bluetooth 5. Bluetooth 5 is the latest in Bluetooth Technology allowing better battery utilization on smartphone app and also has a more stable Bluetooth connection for best in class customer experience. Additionally it has an unmatched feature eco-system which makes the product intuitive and easy to use.
  • Q.What are the Features of Seekit?

    • 1.Bidirectional Tracking
    • 2.Separation Indicator
    • 3.Voice Alerts
    • 4.Proximity Guidance
    • 5.Last seen location
    • 6.Crowd GPS
    • 7.Share your Seekit
    • 8.Selfie Button
    • 9.SOS Alert