1. General Terms and Conditions:

  1. Your Seekit device comes with a 1 year limited replacement warranty for 12 months starting from the date of purchase

  2. First usage shall be done within 7 days from the date of purchase

  3. You can replace the product free of cost if there is any manufacturing defect or malfunction in the product observed and reported to select Panasonic Authorized service partner (designated for this product) along with proper documents

  4. There is no warranty on battery/batteries or on product if the replacement claim is being made due to depletion of battery/batteries

2. Replacement validity:

Replacement claims shall be entertained in following conditions only:

  1. Product is under 12 months limited warranty period from the date of purchase

  2. Product defect is due to manufacturing or workmanship

  3. Valid proof of purchase is provided to Authorized partner designated by Panasonic India for this product

  4. Proper procedure is followed by the customer while submitting defective product and required details as per process described in Section 3 Replacement Process

  5. Swap or replaced unit will be dispatched to address provided by the customer while raising a request for replacement

  6. Swap unit might be a new unit or a refurbished unit as per stock availability

No Replacement claims shall be entertained in following conditions:

  1. If the defect is found to be induced by customer either by physical abuse or using for any purpose not intended

  2. If any liquid enters inside product due to ignorance or non-intended use of the product

  3. If customer is not able to provide valid proof of purchase

  4. If it is found that product malfunction is observed due to depletion of battery

  5. If customer doesn’t provide valid address information and/or service request number while submitting any claim

  6. If the product is not found to be defective after validation by Authorized Service partner designated by Panasonic

3. Replacement Process

Following procedure shall be followed:

  1. Customer activates the device and registers for account on Seekit Application

  2. Customer observed any malfunction or defect in the new product or after some usage within the 12 month battery period

  3. Customer goes to “Diagnostic” section of Mobile application and follows instructions to diagnose the fault in device

  4. If, after diagnosis, customer is not able to fix the issue, customer follows in-app instructions to raise a service request and upload product images, as guided in application

  5. Customer receives an acknowledgement notification and a service number is generated and displayed on Mobile Application

  6. Customer mentions this Service number on the Envelop provided along with the pack

  7. Customer pack the product in the Service Envelop and dispatch the envelop to the address mentioned on Envelop

  8. Authorized Service partner as designated by Panasonic shall receive this envelop and shall validate the device for fault

  9. A response from Authorized service partner shall be provided within 24 hours of receipt of defective product

  10. If the claim is found valid, authorized partner shall send a replacement unit at the address mentioned in Application as well as on Envelop

4. Logistics charges

Logistics charges for dispatch and delivery of Swap/Replacement product shall be applicable as follows:

  1. Customer has to dispatch the defective unit to authorized service partner designated by Panasonic at his own cost

  2. Authorized service partner shall be responsible for delivering replacement product (if the claim is valid) and defective unit (if the claim is not valid)

Logistics responsibility

Panasonic or its designated Service partner shall not liable for any cost, if:

  1. If the customer’s defective product is damaged or lost in transit, so customer is advised to use a reliable and responsible courier partner