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Separation Indicator

Never forget anything behind, ever ! Seekit makes it virtually impossible for you to leave your belongings behind. Hear an alert on your smartphone as soon as your valuables disconnects.

Seekit Edge - Separation Alert

Proximity Guidance

Sometimes, things are around but you just can’t put get your hands on them, literally.

Be guided towards your lost valuables with the help of the Proximity Guidance feature on the Seekit app.

Seekit Edge -  Last Seen Location

Bi-directional Tracking

You can ring your phone too by double pressing the Seekit button. It works even when your smartphone is on silent.

Panasonic Seekit Edge - Proximity Guidance

Last Seen Location

Use the Seekit app and check the last seen location of your disconnected valuable.

Seekit Edge -  Last Seen Location

Protect all your Credit/Debit cards against theft, loss and fraud.

Seekit Edge - Separation Alert

Know your app

Your Seekit App is a one stop destination for not just tracking your valuables and keeping them close. But also for Service, Games, Wallet Protection and much more.

Seekit Edge -  Last Seen Location


12 month limited replacement Warranty period

Get a replacement if the product malfunctions during the warranty period*. Use the envelope inside to send us the malfunctioning device under warranty & we will send you a replacement device absolutely free.

( *Warranty not applicable on batteries )
Seekit Edge -  Last Seen Location
Panasonic Seekit Edge - Never Loose Anything Panasonic Seekit Loop - Never Loose Anything

Never Lose Anything